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I was about to purchase a cluster and the sending units that would replace my idiot lights ( i thought), and the seller kindly warned me that they would not be a plug and play swap since my MJ was an 88. I don't mind having to do a little bit of modification or whatever else I need to do, but would like to know ahead of time what I need to do.


My understanding is that my speedo is a cable drive, and his cluster is electrical. I'm sure there is a writeup or something on here, but I did not find it in a search. So my question is should I be searching for a set of guages that are specific for the cable speedo, or is there a workaround?

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Trying hard not to be such a spoon fed newbie, I searched some more and think I found the answer... Is this correct? I need the cluster that is blue on the back vs. white? Years from 87 to 90?


FYI: I ended up using the google search with this- site: comancheclub.com upgrade guage cluster jeep comanche

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If you can find a limited XJ I believe those had the black and red gauges. I've owned 3 89 XJs and one had black and red, the other had blue.


2 blues one red.


Laredo not limited.


Long day.


What's the ryme or reason for this I wonder?

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