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Door latch in between hinges...

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Hey guys, I'm not sure what this is called.. sorry, it is the latch when you open the door and look in between the hinges and it's bolted to the door. I look on my passenger side and it was bolted on, but on the driver's side, I only see one nut and some sheet metal ripped on the bottom?


Did anyone else have this issue?




Driver's side



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(Door Check) if looking it up on the net. Very common they wear out and bind up. Never had one tear metal I am thinking if you put a new one it it should be ok even cracked but you may want to have the sheet metal welded. The ones from front doors on any Cherokee will work but 97 up ones are MUCH better and smoother and are direct bolt in. You have to remove the door panel to replace it not a hard job the two nuts you see are all that hold it in. And I have had the wind catch a door that had one that was unhooked and it sprung the hinges and cracked a weld.

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I was hoping not to swap doors.. :( I have the Comanche Chief down the side of mine.. I was how ever planning to repaint and restore it (put a 4.0L in and such).. I will try and figure something out..


Thanks guys.

If it makes you feel any better, I have the same problem. Except I don't have the Chief stripings down the side of my doors. You might be able to get away with using a larger washer to grab what chunk of the door is still left for the bottom bolt on the driver's door. That's where it's messed up on mine. I'm just waiting to go get a few of those hinge kits from the P&P next time I go. When I get it fixed, I'll post up here and let everyone know how it went, and what I did. :thumbsup:

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My driver door was the same way. I took it apart and added a big washer to clamp it back into place and it has worked fine for the last two years. If I remember correctly I got a new catch from the JY because this one was rough shape and I think thats what caused the crack.

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so I should find a new door catch, take the door off, and install a washer? Or weld a washer? I'm not getting it.. lol sorry, got any pics? :)


You just need to:


1. Take the door panel off.

2. Take out the old door catch mechanism.

3. Install a new DCM with a big washer (one on the inside, and one on the outside of the bolt) to grab what metal surrounds the bottom bolt hole.

4. Connect the linkage as it should be.

5. Re-install door panel.

6. Jeep on. comanche.gif


No door removal or welding needed. :thumbsup:

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