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Swap mechanical speedo into electric cluster?

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Hi all.


I have an 88 with the guages but no tach, and I have a line on a 93 cluster with all options. I know the 93 will have an electric speedo but is there a way to swap just the speedo's out or to convert from a mechanical drive speedo in the trans(2wd) to an electric output?




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Right, I just realized I was thinking of this backwards to how I'd do it as I would be using the new cluster and old speedo vs the old cluster and new speedo... Thus it was a stupid question as I knew the new cluster would not work in general... :wall:


So never mind all


Thank you

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I have the 88 with what I believe is the cluster from a 90 with tach.
yes, but 1990 and before were the same cluster save for how the speedo cable attaches. The 93 donor I have though has a very different cluster that doesn't work in most ways vs just the speedo hookup.
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