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Just Another Old Jeep Truck at Auction

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lol . - no one has anything to say. -- everyone's in silent awe of this thing. ---- even to say "drooling" just seems too little. would be interesting to see what it goes for.

interesting how little information they put in the ad.

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My greatest hope is someone buys that thing up, and relieves its misery with a proper ride height.

It's like seeing your tough as nails war vet Uncle Henry wearing a plunging neckline pink sequenced prom dress and pearls. :(

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:drool: Bitchin.


To each their own. I'd never build one like that, but its breathtakingly done right from the few pictures they show of it. Wonder what the interior and suspension are like?


Interesting how they moved the wiper motor and installed one from some other application to make way for that huge engine's intake.

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