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How to sell.

Jeep Driver

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I run a better ad......however this guy does pretty well. Most folks, even the dealers, have no clue how to sell........none.


But this guy actually got me to go back to his ad as second time.





BTW........I think there are a total of three of us in the SE that know how to sell on CL.

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To be critical of this seller-


Watch your background.......clutter does not sell........it distracts.




Don't over show it either and crop properly.


Space your images.



And don't BS people with "rare" crap.......folks aren't stupid.

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I am expressing a little frustration here too........OK.....maybe a lot of frustration.


I'm getting tired of driving long distances to look at other folk's junk.


Camera phone pics.......pics at night........no pics.......pics of not their car but one like it.


People are idiots, lie.......man they lie through their teeth. They tell you on the phone "No no there's no rust", I know they think if I drive 350 miles I won't mind the hole in the floor and I'll buy it anyway. Liars! You ought to see the surprise on their face when I just walk away.




Take good pics so the buyer can see what he's getting. If you don't have a camera, buy one. If you don't know how to use a camera, learn. Don't know how to run an image and use an image host, learn.

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:agree: I have 3 just like it, 4 counting the one with the 4.0. Can't be to rare. Trying to figure out how a DD can only have 73K. That engine must be so sludged up from not getting hot it takes a 24 volt battery to turn it over. When I go look at something that is not as advertised, The hardest thing is just turning around and walking off without saying anything.

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I have bought and sold a few things with this guy. Love his ads and this is how he posts on Ebay, too.


1987 Corvette 91K miles, all stock, new tires. $4499


I bought this for a good price on Friday 1-20-2012. The previous owner was an older guy who traded a Harley Davidson for this car in 2009. He put the car in his wife’s name. He did not like it as much as he expected because it was a pain to get into an out of. He parked it in his garage. He only put about 1000 miles on it in two years. He stated that he knew he was taking a beating on selling it for what he did, but he wanted it out of his garage. I bought it, we had the title notarized into my name, and I had it brought to my place. I vacuumed it and I washed it. I did not do anything else to the car. Due to all of the snow and ice on the road, I did not drive the car for any distance however I have no reason to believe that anything is wrong with it.


The engine starts right up and sounds great. It has the stock exhaust on it. It sounds deep, but not obnoxious. It sounds like a V8 should. It does not have any exhaust leaks or rattles. The engine idles like it should, it does not smoke, or make any bad sounds. I’d rate the engine as a 10 out of 10 considering the miles on it. It has 91,000 miles on it. The car does not overheat—I had it running for at least an hour straight last night. The electric fan kicks on like it should when the temp gets to 220 degrees.


The body of the car does not have any damage. I did not see any dents, torn plastic, or damaged fiberglass. The paint is original. It is still shiny. It does have various chips in it. The only part about the exterior that I do not like is the rear spoiler. This was obviously added at some point by a previous owner and painted to match the rest of the car. I’m sure it matched at that time, but the paint is now faded on the spoiler. Personally, I think the spoiler looks stupid anyway. Even if the paint was still nice on the spoiler, I would remove it and sell it to a ricer…or go hang gliding with it…or simply throw it in the trash. If for some reason I don’t sell the car, I’m going to remove the spoiler and put body plugs in the mount holes. At the price that I’m selling this car for, I doubt it will come to that.


The interior of the car could use minor attention. The driver window motor barely moves. The passenger window motor mechanism is currently removed. The previous owner bought new (used from a junkyard actually) window motors for both side, started working on the passenger side and then parked it last year. At this time, the driver side door is still fully assembled. I have the door panel and all parts for the passenger side. The small headliner on the removable roof needs recovered. The carpet is faded in the rear hatch area due to the sun hitting it for 25 years. The seats show some wear, but they aren’t trashed by any means. Everything on the digital dash works. All of the gauges work. The wipers work. The heater & blower work. The AC will likely need re-charged. I did not try it. Assume it doesn’t work.


The battery was replaced in 2010 (still has the tag on it), but it did set dead for quite a while. I charged it last night and the car starts fine now---but when a battery sits dead for a long time it does shorten the life. Everything under the hood is very clean. The tires were replaced right before the previous owner bought it, and they look to be nearly new, and tires for a Corvette aren’t cheap.


I have a regular Monday-Friday job. I buy & sell cars, car parts, tractors, etc, on the side for additional income. I do not bull$#!& people when I describe the items that I’m selling. I believe in Karma. Treat people right, and you’ll probably be treated right in return. Screw someone over, and well---you probably will get yours sooner or later. Feel free to check my ebay feedback—it is perfect. My username is Roy61Deville.


With most cars that I buy, I have zero interest in keeping them---I only want to make a few bucks off of them & get rid of them. With this car it is a little different. I don’t have to sell it, and if it doesn’t sell for $4499, I’d have no issues in fixing a few issues with it and using it as a daily driver.


The title of this car is clear and was (legitimately) notarized yesterday afternoon. The notary checked our ID’s. I did not make it to the title office yesterday. If the car sells before Monday, we will have to wait until Monday to meet at the title office and get that taken care of. I work in the town of Cambridge (zip code 43725), so that is where you would have to meet me to get the title put into your name. This is a must, as I will not have someone driving around in a Corvette that is registered to me.


In summary, this is a good deal on a 25 year old Corvette. There are nicer ones out there, and they cost about twice as much as this one. This is certainly not a show car, but if you can find another Corvette that isn’t junk for less than $4500, I suggest you go and buy it. NADA values this car at $7200+ in daily driver condition.


Pictures: The pictures show exactly what the car looks like today. All pictures of this car were taken in my driveway on Saturday 1-21-2012.


Price: The price of the car is 100% firm at $4499 cash. If you do not have $4499 cash, there is no need to contact me as we aren’t going to reach a deal.


Will I hold it until you get your tax check, welfare check, or pending disability check? No. I will not hold the car for anyone or consider it sold until I receive a deposit. Cash or paypal only. Essentially, he who pays first wins.



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Not trying to rag here, but I hate it when people put "This vehicle gets X amount of miles around town or on the highway"


Most of the time, it's complete BS because I know for a fact that there is absolutely NO WAY, a 2.5 in pristine condition can get that much. If it were possible, I'd be getting as much mileage as my buddy with an 02 Civic does in the city.


Ranting aside, Ad was a lot better than the usual ones I see on CL. Wish there were more people like that.

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