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Speaker Sizes

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My '97 XJ has:


Polk 6 1/2" component woofers & tweeters mounted in Q-Form kick panels.


Polk 6 1/2" two ways in the front doors.


Polk 5 1/4" component woofers & tweeters mounted in rear overhead soundbar.


Blaupunkt 8" sub under driver's seat.


Polk 10" sub in custom box made to fit in cubby area in the rear storage compartment.


The head unit powers the door speakers. I have an Alpine 4 channel amp that powers both sets of components. The Blaupunkt sub has it's own amp made into the enclosure & I have an Alpine sub amp that powers the 10". It plays very loud and very clean. It may not impress the thump thump rap crowd, but it plays the classic rock, heavy metal & jazz that I listen to accurately at levels well beyond my threshold of pain.


I am just starting a '91 MJ build. I plan to do something a little less involved. I'll probably get the same 6 1/2's for the doors. I have a nice set of Kenwood 4x6's that will fit nice in the factory rear spots. If the bass needs filling out, I may add 10" sub later.

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I have 5-1/4" components in the doors and nothing in the rear. Personally I don't see any need to have rear speakers trying to pull the sound stage back under the back seat. :hmm:


I mounted my speakers behind the door steel because that made the grill fit flush and didn't interfere with the window crank. You can put 6-1/2" speakers in the doors but you run the risk of getting close or contacting the window crank. I don't like rubbing the skin off my fingers when I roll down the window. :no:


I have a 13" sub in the back for low frequencies, unless you are using an Alpine Drive series deck with 60x4 I would look into an amp.





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in its heyday, my 88 had 5 1/4s components in the doors, tweeters above them, 6x9s in little boxes in the back, and an 8 inch woofer in a small box. all were high quality speakers fed from amps. I eventually did away with the 6x9s, as they added very little to the music. that let me run the fronts and woofer off of a single amp. for whatever reason, that little truck put out some of the best quality sound (loud or soft) I'd ever heard in a vehicle. :dunno: I everything over to my dakota and the sound just wasn't the same. :( weird. Go Comanches!


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Got it figured out. Its one of those $800 when new decks that has an alarm, starter disable, built in crossover. it wires into an existing alarm, door switches, etc. Basically there's alot of wires out the back of it. lol

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I have infinity 6 1/2 component on the doors I just removed the grill covers on the doors and made the hole a little wider to fit them no major modifications, I wired them directly to the stereo, and since i put a 12" sony shallow sub on the back of the seat with a sony class D amplifier, I didnt put any speakers on the 4x6 speaker stock place due to the subwoofer box covers them, it sounds pretty nice, I recommend this setup.




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