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How about this setup?

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I know there is probably hundreds of these threads but here's my plans for my 89 shortbed.


Currently it's 2wd I plan on converting it to 4wd, pulling a dana 30 along with a tcase and tranny from a donor XJ.


It currently has the 35 in there with 3.55 gears, I plan on just keeping the 35 in there with the 3.55 gears and fabbing up a brace to go over the housing and strengthen the axle and running the gears till they burn up.


Planning on 4.5" of lift with some 33" tires, I was looking around and it seems that rustys 4.5" SOA kit is the most complete for the most reasonable price.


I'm having to weld in some new sheet metal on the floor, and I just got done coating the back frame with rust neutralizer and I'll be painting it with some rustoleum in the next day or so when I get home. The edge of the wheel wells are rusted as well so I'll be patching those up / trimming them up.


Also I found out a day or two ago that the gas tank has about 12 pin size holes and is a little ruff on the outside so I'm looking into just buying a new tank for that, someone posted this tank - http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/sku/S ... IJP5A.html


I was just wondering if this was the correct tank and would fit my existing fuel pump as it works fine.


Here's a pic of the Comanche.


(the pic is rather large to embed)



Thanks for the help! comanche.gif

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4.5" is not enough to match a SOA,the rear will sit way too high.


Normally, you're correct.. but Rusty's offers a full 4.5" lift kit, that includes SOA perches....


http://rustysoffroad.com/mm5/merchant.m ... sus_xj_kit



yeah that's the one I linked to I believe it ends up being closer to a 5" after it's all said and done but it seems to be the closest to a complete kit for comanches out there, plus I can get a discount from rusty more than likely.

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Can anyone recommend some decent priced kits that are pretty much complete?


Most the kits I've seen are like 500ish for some basic parts but then it's missing like control arms brake line extensions t-case drop kit sway bar etc.


I'd like to go 4.5" or bigger but stay around the 500-600 price range as I still have to convert to 4 wheel drive which is another 300-400$

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You can get weld on perches and shock mounts from Ruffstuff Specialties.

With 2wd leaf packs I imagine that will net you around 4.5-5.5 inches of lift.

You can then match the front with 4.5" coils and spacers if needed, get shocks, control arms, brake lines, and an adjustable trackbar etc.

You should then be set, but I'm not sure what that would all cost in the end, I imagine less than 500 bucks.

With the Comanches I've heard you don't even need an SYE until you get up real high, like 7 inches, but don't quote me on that.. an SYE is a good investment anyways.

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