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oil leak

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I've got oil leaking down and hitting the exhaust pipe in front of the transmission pan were the pipe makes the bend just below the oil pan drain plug.any opinions on were its coming from I thought maybe from the valve cover gasket or rear main seal.any suggestions Thanks.

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ALWAYS start at the top of the engine when searching for oil leaks.


Rear of valve cover gasket is common.

Oil filter adapter housing where it meets the block is another common leak area along with a leaking oil pressure sending unit.


Rear main seal is less common but gets blamed often since the other places I mentioned above- The oil from them drips off the rear main seal area since it's the lowest part of your engine.

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Make sure your leak is not being made worse by an over pressured crank case. Meaning check your air box for oil. If the air box is full of oil, then the vent line is clogged or restricted. This causes the CC to be in an overpressure state, oil will then try to force its way out wherever it can eg: rear seal, VC, airbox etc.

You might think you have a major rear seal or VC gasket leak and maybe you do, but because of overpressure, oil just pours out...

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