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EGR valve/tube/switch Elimination??

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I Installed one of dynamax headers this weekend and am having a major pain in the @$$ getting the egr tube to connect.. The muffler shop was only able to tack weld it in place and wants me to go back once it's relaxed and have them remove it and then weld in "leak free".


My question is why can I not just put a plug in the headers and on the intake manifold?


I do not have emission testing where I live, and I maintain my vehicle well so I'm not worried about emission issues.


I've seen where some people eliminate the vacuum lines that control the egr valve so if i capped off the exhaust and intake wouldn't that just seal the deal even more???



Pros/cons to eliminating it?

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I just installed Pacesetter headers last week on my 90 4.0.

The EGR port was not drilled on the header for the option for running EGR.

I tryed and Could Not undo the bolt that was holding on the pipe to my old header, so I snapped the EGR pipe in half and folded and hammered the end of the pipe until it was complete sealed off and put it back in the intake manifold kinda as a " plug"?...

and installed and ignored the rest of the EGR since I blocked it off.

Runs normal, I don't see a difference.

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Doing what you are proposing should be fine. I plan on doing the same thing when I put a header on my 87 2.5.

What header are you using on your 2.5?


I don't yet know what header I will be using on my 2.5. I just know that the only ones now available are for later non EGR models for YJ's and TJ's. I just figured Id try to make one of those work and re do my exhaust to get to get to the header outlet.... no big deal, I don't think. But then again, I havent done it yet!

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I cut the tube with my tubing cutter rather than mess with breaking the joints loose (and the tube) then join them together with tube connectors. EGR was used to cut NOx in older rigs. The HO has the cam timed differently and restricts the amount of advance to do the same.

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