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Picture request: Comanche on 37"

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Hi fellas!


New in here, but I already like it.


Now, I was wondering if anyone had any pictures of a comanche with 37" tires? If it´s shortened in the bed as well, that would be even better.


I´m trying to decide the details for my upcoming project, while I save up for the parts.

So far I´m thinkin' 37" with unimog 404, shortened bed and magnum v8.



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MJ was set up for Q/78's,

I got some used 37x13.00's, and swapped them on.


Please don't pity the poor D30,

it was just for fun,

and the Jeep never even left my street like this:

since I'm blowing the dust off old pics,

why not:



Here's the current MJ with the 37's on the back, and Q78's up front (Q's = 35.5", worn 37's = 36.25"):

& lowridered an inch or two:

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Mine is trimmed a bit but not really cut up,you set your bumps stops to stop the axle before the tires hit the bed.


My tires with out bump stopping will actually contact the unit frame before they hit the bed,but results will vary depending on axles and wheel offset.

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