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1987, Comanche SporTruck (?)





Renix 4.0 / AX-5 / 231(?) w/ Select-Trac 4WD / D30 / D35 / SWB


Build Date: 1987 - Toledo Ohio Plant


Current Location: LQK (Pick and Pull) *Soon to be crushed most likely* :(


Status: Awaiting passerby's to salvage parts to keep their MJ's on the road. comanche.gif


Notes: Assuming this was a halfway finished project when it got turned in. The original color seems to be faded white or gray. And if it was a SporTruck, it would have had the original black stick stripes. Maroon colored interior in pristine condition when it was turned in only a few days before.


Current owner: LQK (Daytona, FL branch)

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