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WJ LCAs on MJs/XJs

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So, I read on a thread recently [and now can't find it] that WJ [99-04 Grand Cherokee] lower control arms will work for a mild lift to keep the front axle where it is supposed to be instead of having it come back towards the cab.


After a little research, I found the WJ LCAs appear significantly different than MJ/XJ LCAs:









Which leads me to ask if anyone can confirm:

1: If this is indeed the correct part

2: What amount of lift the WJ LCA is good for to keep the axle centered [2"? 4"?]

3: If there are any fitment issues or anticipated complications during installation due to different designs

4: If the oval bushing will cause any performance or clearance issues of the control arm vs a round bushing


I know these are a lot of Q's, but money's tight for Jeep modifications these days! The WJ LCAs would be for a DD rig with light offroading, intended 3" front lift, and 30" tires. I am still in the parts collecting phase in preparation of the front lift.

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WJ arms are the same length as MJ arms and should work up to 3" of lift.


to run them you just need to trim the steel bushings a bit and I trimmed the bracket on the axle a bit too to get maximum flex.


they provide much better on-road handling while still working very good offroad.


The biggest benefit is that the bend provides for tire clearance while turning. :thumbsup:

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I used a chop saw with a metal blade for the bushings, and a sawzall for the axle brackets.


I don't like angle grinders because I'm more prone to "oops" with one.


And, the ride difference is definitely noticeable. I think this is a first rate mod.

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