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!!!selling 87 comanche parts!!! Illinois*UPDATE 02/14/12*


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*UPDATE 02/14/12*



I'm deciding to sell my mj as parts out again.


I'll start part out while its get warm outside(depend on weather condition).

What can I do right now is make list of your request(s). Then I will have all list ready too pull out and ship/pick up.


this jeep is now savage. worthless to be back on road.

PM (preferred) or post this thread if your interesting on any those parts. Willing to ship it or let you guys pick it up. we will discuss with price. NO TRADE


anyway its 1987 Comanche 4.0l, ba 10/5


Just ask for pictures.

-LIST of Parts-


-front bumper stinger $150 OBO

-rear bumper(custom) $100 OBO

-tailgate $50

-short bed cargo - offer me the price

-Factory shortbed roll bar $150 OBO

-taillights : $100 OBO*got two sets-one set is in good shape and other set is in decent shape*

-doors - without mirrors - $100 each side OBO

-side mirrors- $20 for pairs

-rear view mirror $10

-9" rear axle with custom rear disc conversion brakes-$900 OBO

-HP D44 front with new brake pads , calipers, extension brakes hoses, aftermarket wheel lock hubs and axle seals $500 OBO

-35" mastercraft tires-95% thread left and with a brand new 35" mickey baja tire. NOTE: 5x5.5 lug pattern $650

-14X,XXX 4.0L I6 with little tune up and fuel injector clean too. $300 OBO

-brand new interstat battery, come with free new cable end and wires. $70

-BA 10/5 with np231, new bellhousing and exterior slave- still shift smooth- offer me the price

-custom heavy duty skid armor with square long arms. NOTE: its radius long arm for HP D44-offer me the price

-front end with 10 slots grill-offer me the price

-hood - $50 obo

-trimmed fenders- $50 OBO each side

-blue bench- offer me the price

-black carpet- offer me the price

-91 renix cluster gauges $20 OBO

-6" lift kits from rusty's $400 OBO

-front drive shaft- offer me the price

-rear drive shaft- offer me the price

-Rear dual vent slider windows- $160 OBO

-etc., just ask me what part(s) you need.

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I almost hate to ask, but you willing to get a quote to ship the tailgate?


yes I'm willing to quote the shipment


PM me pics and a price on the lift (and how complete it is), front bumper and tailgate..





This is sad to see :(




me too but I have no choice. if someone buy it full for 3000 OBO without title then ill be happy than part it out. :(

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