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@#$@#!! Bureaucracy at work:

Sir Sam

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So today I finally got my title in for a Jeep, since it was an out of state title the local office could not print it and it had to goto the state.


Of course the state waits 2 weeks to print it, before mailing it, meanwhile I find a buyer who is willing and ready to go, and I'm sitting on my big fat payday.


Today it finally shows up, I call my buyer thinking my $9k payday is here, I then open the envelope and what do I see staring me in the face.


Fuel: Gas




The previous NJ title listed the fuel as diesel.


The DR 2698 Vin verification listed the fuel as diesel.


The 8th digit of the vin is a "5" which is clearly not a "K" (5= 2.8 diesel K= 3.7 gas)


So now I have a title, which is incorrect, a buyer who has been waiting for over 2 weeks, and another potential delay of weeks to get a title issue fixed.


Who knows what kind of trouble this is going to cause me.


In my defense I have both a diesel emissions test and a manufacturers statement of origin(photo copy) that show diesel as the fuel - still, logic and reason have no bearing at all in dealing with this.


Maybe I better come armed with a 27b-6 form too.............



Also, please pray for me tonight.

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Isn't Government awesome?


All the people involved in the child support system have great things to say of their amazing efficiency as well.




Amazing that people are calling for MORE government control of things (Banks, Wall Street) lately.


Government intervention,

Yep, that's what will fix it.

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When it comes to vehicle titles, Ohio is surprisingly painless.


There's also a state (Rhode Island?) where vehicles older than 15 years don't even need a title.


Maine you don't need a title, after 10 or 15 years, not entirely sure, but the MJ doesn't need one, even though I picked it up in MA where it is required, all I needed was a bill of sale to register it.

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