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Opinions on good front winch bumpers. Pics? Thoughts?

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Hey everyone, well I'm gonna make a long story short. Some lady pulled out in front of me, running a stop sign and I hit her car, well her insurance came out and looked at my damage to my 1996 cherokee, and stroked me a check for $1200. :cheers:


So now I need a new front bumper for the cherokee, I have a winch already thats been in storage for about a year now, so I was wondering if anyone knew any good deals on front bumpers for a XJ/MJ as this bumper will eventually be switched over to my project comanche when its done. I haven't really been up to date anything jeep because I've been so busy with work and that I'm getting ready to go to Haiti for a couple months for work. Please don't think I'm a newbie, I've owned over 20 jeeps of various makes and models in the past five years and even have the Turbo Diesel MJ. But the only jeep sites that I've looked at are quadratec and 4wd.com.


So onto the topic, I'm looking for a bumper with a winch mounting point, D-rings, a grill gaurd or at least grill protection, I would like a 2" receiver as well but its OK if its not included. Just trying to get some opinions and maybe some pics. I would like to leave some money leftover so I can get a small lift as well. So around $500-800. $1000 max.


Thanks guys

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Here's my RigidCo FbW2. Their website totally stinks, but you can see the bumpers they make here:




The bumper was $460 + $40 extra to have the fog light insert upgrade.


Terry will also make them with a brush guard if you wish...not sure how much more that is. I did a lot of research before ordering a bumper, but settled on the RigidCo because of the mounting system. It is really well done and strong as heck.







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JCR is local to me, they did their first set of production xj rock sliders on my first xj, got it at a great price since they snapped a few pics of it. in fact you can see my red xj on this page http://www.jcroffroad.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=XJSL2&Category_Code=XJSL. great guys, great work, and their prices seem pretty competitive from what i've seen.

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I ended up going with an RLC Welding bumper, they were very reasonable with the price, $390 total and included a 2" receiver, d-rings, and the winch mounting plate all shipped to my door for $390. Thanks for the help guys. Now I'm going to sit in front of my mail slot and wait for the bumper to come in.


I also had some left over money and got me a flowmaster muffler and tailpipe installed today! jamminz.gif

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