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Adding Power Windows

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I recently pulled a bunch of parts from an '87 Chief and a grouping of such parts were the power window wiring harnesses. I'm in the process of adding power windows and locks into my '88 Eliminator now and I think I may have run into a snag. From what I thought, I should be able to find the wiring connection near the doors under the dash and just plug right in and be done with it. Now I'm not so sure.


Searching through the archives, I found a posting from Don saying:


I installed power windows but did not use the factory crossbody harness, I made up my own from the fuse panel out.


Is this just an HO deal or is there no crossbody harness in a Renix either? Is there more wiring that I should've pulled or am I just not looking hard enough?

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Both Renix and HO have a crossbody harness. Don didn't have one or just didn't use it and made his own.


Your best bet is to get the one out of the 87 if you can or out of a 2dr XJ of the same era. A four door will work but if I'm not mistaken there will be some minor differences. Also I can't remember if the relays for the door locks are on the crossbody or if they were on the dash harness. Someone else may chime in and answer that.



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That's correct - I didn't have the factory cross body harness harness. But I wanted power windows only, no locks, and it only required three wires cross body, one hot and two up/down switched grounds. Power locks would require three more. I used 12AWG power cord. Worked fine. :cheers:

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On 9/10/2011 at 12:20 AM, fiatslug87 said:

The link to is not found. I am in the process on wiring up my 96' doors, pw and pl using a 4-door Cherokee harness. Plugged it in and nothing. I assume I need relays or a ground? I plugged the factory harness into the the same spot on my 87' fuse panel so accessory. Any help would be greatly appreciated . Thank iad 

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