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Scobad's 1988 Mj....

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When you say you are looking for the mounts for the rear fender flares, are you talking about the stock flares? If so, you can get them at the stealership, or off of a XJ in the junk yard.


If they are used, the studs will most likely break off when you try to remove them. You can grind down the remnants and drill for stainless steel bolts/nuts to replace them.

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Ahh....I wonder if I am missing any. When I picked it up - they (the flares) were thrown in the back of the bed. What years fit?

If I go to the Junkyard - what year XJ am I looking for? I need to remount the FRN and REARs.


Thank you - I would love to get the BushWacker but...431 bucks is alot - I am just now upgrading wheels and getting ready for paint !!!

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...or you can just use 1/4 bolts, washers and nuts, I've done that a couple of times. I have a set of retainers I plan to repair like above or not. And yes, you WILL break the studs, no matter how careful or how much time you soak them in PB Blaster. They are a pain.

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Not a bad weekend for the truck. Got it sanded at 180 100% and then at 220 about 65%


This week, I will; be pulling out the bedliner and cleaning that metal. I decided to pull the bed-liner and sand then coat with a roll-on liner. Once it comes back from being painted - I can throw the bed-liner back onto it and never wrry about slipping or RUST !!!!


I need a REAR Bumper though....UGGH...


Pictures will be posted tomorrw - it is really coming together !!

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Made a little progress this past week (Still not painted)...Not ready yet.


So, I was putting in the new tunes and ...Stumbled into this:

http://www.ebay.com/itm/150669943964?ss ... 1423.l2649


Thought it looked cool and...since the dash was down I would order it. Hey for 22 bucks and a small MOD for a custom look - I will take it..







Now with it.... WHOO HOO




Thank you all for LOOKING - stay tuned !!!!

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Ok - I will post pictures later in the week as I got my JEEPSTICKERS.COM package from Spencer !!! AWESOME Quality !!


Now...my next project...EXHAUST...


You can see from my truck that I like to looking tough and clean...So - with that in mind - I want it to sound like it is tough. Right now everything is STOCK..


1. What do I need?

2. Place to buy it?

3. Does it have to be welded?

4. Will it sound tough !!?



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