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612to303s 89 Comanche (New Flat Black Paint Job!)

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Hello Everybody!

Id like to introduce my Comanche.


Shes got


5 Speed( I think its the poopy one)



4.5" with 30 inch tires (donuts)

Buckets with center console from a later cherokee

Removeable Doors



Future Plans



Camo Paint






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Nice MJ, cool dog and great country. I'm headed out to Moab and Four Corners next month, including Southern Colorado. I just bought several Charles Wells trail books for those areas and another guide to the Canyonlands. A person could spend the rest of his days wheeling in your neck of the woods.


Thanks for sharing those pictures.



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So I decided to paint my comanche last week for less than 50 dollars and it turned out pretty cool.


I used Rustoleum Professional Flat Black In a gallon and I sprayed it with a 10$ harbor freight spray gun.










I also coated both bumpers with bedliner and ill take some pictures of them tomorrow


Just need new rims and tint and it will be 100% black.





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That Waggy Header Panel is still at UPAP.


Crazy kid tried to charge me 110 for the panel because it had 4 headlights and a wiring harness -_-.


But i painted up my old one and threw it on.


Ps. Your Comanche Is Amazing, what lift do you have?



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I can't believe they wanted that much, that's rediculous. I'll keep my eyes out for one for you. Truck looks good back together.

Thanks for the compliment it still has a long way to go though, I'm running a Rough Country 6 1/2" short arm and SOA in Rear.

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