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Cost of stereos


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/begin rant


No wonder stereos are a hot item to be stolen. Cheapest place I've found is $70+S&H for a stinking plain jane CD player. No remote, faceplate, MP3, etc..


I just don't get it. To play a CD audio disc which is leftover tech from the 90's, it will cost me $70+. Yet, you can go out and buy a 8gb micro SD chip for $15. Granted this isn't comparing apples to apples, but it seems like there is a huge gap between computer and car electronics. Has this always been normal? I've never been a car audio enthusiast and have always used the stock jeep stereos systems.


Anyways I've tried local pawn shops (too expensive and I'm not buying stolen property :fs1: ) and I tried Good Will. VCRs and casette players ! :eek:


I might as well just keep the stock jeep radio with cassette. It still works and I can always buy some Johnny Cash tapes on ebay to keep me sane.


/rant off


P.S. Anyone have a CD stereo they want to sell me? :yes:

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keep th stock streo and get one of those tape adapters that has an audio cord on it. thats what i do


Yup thats what I do too, but I also have the stock dual CD/tape radio.


But I also just bought a CD player for my WJ, since I'm just selling it I bought the cheapest thing I could. $76 plus tax for a sony CD/MP3 player with an auxilary input and remote control.


Goto walmart man.

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After my fancy stereo got ripped off I put a mechless deck in the MJ,it uses SD cards or an MP3 instead of cds.


It cost me about $40 at walmart up here.



Have you checked online? Amazon.com has cd players starting around $29.

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I'll see if I can find the make and model number of the head unit I got for my '92MJ. It's basically a Plain Jane CD player, BUT, it also has a USB & Aux front panel connection AND can connect to and control an iPod. Since all of my music is played through my iPhone - whether it be songs from my music library or Pandora - I could care less about all of the other features. I have an HD Radio in my XJ, but since I currently live between two major cities (NYC and Philly), my HD reception is pretty spotty and it's incredibly annoying when the HD signal goes in and out.


Anyway, for the head unit in my MJ, I got it brand new from Best Buy for less than $80, but it was on sale. Pretty sure it's a JVC...I'll update with the model number if I can find it.


This isn't quite it, but it's damn close: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/JVC+-+50W+x ... Id=1685043

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