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Like to hear your opinion on this one:

Paul Bruchal

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A DSM is known for its powerful engines, but they arn't reliable...

Yesterday my car lived up to its name and the clutch was slipping bad.

I have NO experience in transmissions and I don't want to start with my DD, so I rolled into the dealership ""my car requires a special tool to remove the trans. why I had to go to the dealership"" and they told me "$800 in labor and the total will be around $1250".

With that said I walked out and rolled back home.. Right now a good friend of mine that helped me build my car is willing to buy it as is for $2000-1800. Also this is making my MJ turn back into a DD again "not ready".


I'm really thinking on selling the Eclipse but then Ill need another DD thats reliable...

What would you recommend?

I was thinking

XJ with HO, or


something different..

I don't want to drive what everybody else is driving like a honda or a corolla.

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Avoid the 180 notorius for tranz and rearend problems these were rvised withe the 240. But a jeep or an old AE86 toyota corrola is what I wuld be looking for. Or a integra. Just my opinion. But yeah get rid of the dsm clutch is lipping now so it must have some miles syncros are next then bearings then the whole tranz.


O and I forgot a celica from 91- 93 is a cool ride if ya can find the gts.

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Even the 240 sx has transmission problems. At least my brother's S13 did. Had the transmission rebuilt twice in four years (by different companies) and when 2nd and 4th quit working again he got rid of it.

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