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Noob to MJs but not too Jeeps needs some advice.


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Hey guys, need some advice on a new to me MJ. Mod team if I'm in the wrong thread I apologize in advance and please move.


So here is my story. Looking for a reliable daily driver. I own a 83 CJ7 thats my toy/baby and love Jeeps.


Someone Pm'ed me on another forum saying that he might be interested in selling me his MJ after reading one of my comments on another post. He sent me some specs and I want to know what you guys think. He isn't advertising the sale but was just throwing it out there to me. He's in no hurry to sell it. I'm currently on deployment and have been saving up a couple extra dollars towards a reliable DD. I need to park my 2500 Silverado as much as possible. 10-12 mpg not fun.


1988 Sportruck SWB 4wd 4.0 112k miles

Rusty 41/2 long arm kit with new 33/10.5/15 BFG M/T

BA10 5speed also has an AX15 swap to go with it.

30/35 still at 3.07


new last fall:fuel pump, power steering pump, water pump, trans. mount, motor mounts, front calipers and brake pads, K&N air filter

Cluster swapped out from a pioneer for the tach 86k on the odom but he tells me 112 on the vehicle.

New Headliner installed, Rust free everything and he is the 3rd adult owner. All have been in Florida and I have seen 2 of them on a local forum.

Has bucket seats no rips and full center console with cold A/C and Hot heat. Very clean interior with CD player.


Asking price is $4500


I'll post pics up real soon.


Thanks everyone! :jump:

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:drool: that is an awsome MJ. just add up the new KM2s with the cost of the lift, even the new parts. decide what you think its worth and go from there. even though they were new things when HE bought them, it doesnt mean you pay new prices after he's used them no matter how much.

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That is a very good looking MJ. If it is truly rust free, I would say it is worth his asking price. (check under the carpet at the floor boards) You are going to get a wide range of opinions on the price since a lot of people end up with a truck for $200 up to $5000. Having to deal with rust and crust on my truck, I would be more than willing to pay a premium for a rust free, clean, truck.


33's and 3.07s won't get you much better mileage than your full size truck.

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I won't be able to look at in person till June. But for here in FL I'm sure its probably around the 90-100% rust free area. As far as gears and tires... He said he get 15-18 MPG, I'm not sure how true it is. I would want to swap in some 4.10s to run 33's but I think them 33's will be going on my CJ and I'll drop down to some 31's. They look like they would rub a little if I flexed at all. But its hard to judge in a picture. I also don't need mud terrains on a DD.

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