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project 87 stocker

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here she is a swb 1987 4.0 aw4 2wd for $500 all original so far (I'm the 2 owner)

the motor was apart so i put that together, it has a new tank,and tires, brakes, headliner,exhaust, lights and other stuff these trucks need.

with only 120,000 miles on the motor it still runs good

this is a work in progress so bear with me.


when i first got it

with lots of wax it looked like this

sorry about the pic i have a bad camra

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my plains are to keep it stock looking for a fey years.

my big plains are to make it 4wd and put bed liner in the bed

maybe have it panted (back to the coler and strips it has now)

I'm hoping it will come out to be a nice reliable DD

to drive back and forth to school. :brows:

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today a redone my headliner

boring to clean. :redX:

but alest there was no rust on the ruff

put it back in and made a world of defrents to look at and drive

make you feel like your driving a fancey car

not bad for my first one

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Nice job on the headliner. Mine was almost beyond repair, someone used some type of white glue spread all over the fabric to hold it up. :nuts: Push pins would have been easier to cover over with new material. I chicked out and bought a new one from Ebay, costly since I already bought the fabric and the glue from 3M. :shake:

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Worked on my jeep last weekend

put speakers in the rear and in the doors because my mj did not come with

speakers from the factory.

Also i wanted to git the 6x9 out from behind the seat so i will have more room

It went preity good in the back but the front was the hardest because i did not want to

cut up my door panel but after a few minuets i decided to do it any ways and it came out good

i put up pics later.

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