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electric fan

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Even if it's not plug and play, go for it! it's a simple hot and ground. just use power from something that is always on when the trucks running and use an existing ground. hell, you could even use the power from the headlights, just remember to turn them on whenever you have the truck running. it will also take some strain off the motor not having to turn the fan. and no more fan clutches to worry about.

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so you want to put an oem electric fan where the oem electric fan goes?

if so that is what I am talking about but use an OEM electric fan from a 97+ Cherokee.


the 97+ moves more air around

(just using these for reference you can probably get them cheaper somewhere else.)




pre 97



if you have the plug for an electric fan you should be able to just plug in the pre 97 fan, if you use the newer fan you will have to wire it yourself (I pulled apart a 97+ engine bay harness to get the full wiring from the fan and reused part of the under hood distribution center with the relay)

looks kinda ghetto but it works.

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You can use an OEM electric fan, but regardless of whether you use the old style (which I think is no longer available) or the new style, it is NOT plug-and-play if your truck was not originally equipped with one. The sensor screws into a bung in the driver's side radiator tank, so you'll need that sensor. That sensor, in turn, feeds a relay that mounts to the driver's side inner fender, near the air box. And then the relay sends power to the fan.


If your truck doesn't have the fan, I'm 98.7% certain the wiring isn't there.

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If your truck doesn't have the fan, I'm 98.7% certain the wiring isn't there.


100% true that the wiring isn't there. I added the auxiliary cooling fan to my '90 with no A/C and I had to add everything. I stripped an A/C equipped XJ at the jy and assembled it into a sub-harness that I installed. At the B+ junction (behind the battery) on the pass side you'll find the power feed with fusible link. Tracing that back you'll ultimately find the relay, A/C diode, fan switch, and temp switch. Since your truck is A/C delete you'll find an unused 4 pin connector on the driver's side by the washer fluid reservoir. You can find a key on 12V+ feed from here for the relay.

I helped someone else here troubleshoot their fan and they posted the diagram showing where everything went.

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thanks for the replys

too bad it won't work without using diffrent fans

thanks jon



What different fans? You asked about the OEM auxiliary fan. We've reported that it WILL work, but your truck doesn't have the wiring harness for it so you will have to install or create a wiring harness for it. If you want to use an aftermarket fan, you'll have to do the same thing.

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