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researching for my lift

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at six inches you NEED to get new upper and lower arms. adjustable is always better. at six inches you will have steep angles( like mine) nothing wrong with it really it just doesnt ride as good. you could add some drop brackets to help. or go full long arm. you will also need new shocks, brakelines, as well as a new trackbar. for the rear you can just do a springover

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Realistically, if you are going 6", you are in long arm territory to do it correctly. You WILL NEED both upper and lower adjustable arms AND drop brackets to work with short arms on a 6".


Not cheap to lift. Maybe you want to start with a 3" since your admittantly new to the Jeep arena, and should start slow.


Have to walk before you run brotha.

Rob L.

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I'm going to be running a rustys 4.5in lift with 1.75 spacers on mine, for 6.25in lift. Just installed it today with the stock uppers an fixed lowers from the 4.5 kit. Seems to be ok for now... but have not driven it yet. :dunce: I'm only running it like this untill i switch to long arms in a cupple months.

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Adjustable uppers help you dial in your pinion angle.



Adjustable lower arms are used to set the wheelbase (bring the tire back, closer to the center of the wheel well),

then you lengthen the uppers for the best pinion angle/caster compromise.



Keep in mind though,

all the length you add to your lowers, to re-center the tire in the wheel at the new ride height

is going to do it's best to jam your tire into the ft of the wheel well as the suspension fully compresses.


(watch your ft diff to frame-side-trac-bar-bracket clearance too, with the lowers set too long you can smack the cover off some brackets).


That's one of the reasons long arms are better at 6".

MUCH less wheelbase change as the suspension cycles through it's travel.

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Soo i just answered my own question about long arms.......lol. I'm thinking i may take the advice and start with a 3 or 4" but i want it to be level front to rear, any good places for parts and recommendations on what to go with??

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I am going with 4.5" I ordered new spring packs from http://www.hellcreeksuspensions.com/


I pieced together the front of my lift. I have RE 4.5" springs, and the RE HD trac bar and bracket with the trac bar brace that I got used. Then I ordered Rough Country adjustable upper and lower control arms with shocks and a steering stabilizer.

I also got a set of new JKS quick discos from someone on the board.


I am going to use the YJ front brake lines and the 95 dakota rear brake line.


If you are patient you can piece together a good lift for cheap.

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