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What would you do if you were in my shoes??.. help

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Ok so here is the deal , ive got a 90 comanche with stock d35 in the rear and 3.07 gears (according to the tag). I seem to have sprang a leak, gear oil is coming out of my right brake drum. i should also mention my gears are pretty sloppy too...


so my question is this if you were me would you fix the leak or just scrap the old d35 and go with another axle maybe an 8.8 or D44 or somthin? but i don't want to re-gear right now so it would have to be 3.07 , i don't mind welding perches I'm tryin to stay around 150$ on this .. local pick a part wants 125$ for any rear axle ...


what would be the easiest axle swaps and what rigs should i look for?


suggestions? please :drool:

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All you need is a seal. Unless there's a reason to upgrade the axle, why strain the budget and create a lot of work when seals are cheap and easy to replace?

i just don't have alot of faith in the axle like i said its pretty sloppy right now and last time i took off the diff cover the teeth on the gears were pretty pitted too..



i think you might be right though,.. thanks for the input

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I should have a spare d30/d35 combo with 3.55s soon


If you don't want to regear yet I would fix the axle you have,if you buy an upgraded axle with 3.07s your gonna have to regear it later which will cost a lot more then if you just bought an axle of a better ratio in the first place.

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There's nothing on god's green earth that could make me go back to 3.07s. even 3.55s are well worth the effort. :thumbsup:


Don't regear though, just get a pair of 3.55 axles and spend a weekend swapping.


late model or ABS front axles with the 297 U-joints would be icing on the cake. :D

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