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88 runnin super rich/8 mpg

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88 mj i6 5-speed 185,000 miles


Well lately my mj has been running super rich, before i noticed the low mpg i noticed a banging in the muffler like the excess gas is combusting in the cat. I know you guys are gonna tell check sensors, plugs and stuff. But here's where it has me baffled it's doing it cold or hot engine(closed loop and open loop) so sensors aren't even coming into play when cold. I thinks it's the injectors or fuel pressure regulator. Any ideals?

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ok so i went ahead and did a tune up plugs,wires,cap, and rotor and here are the plug most where sooty but not wet. number 2 and 3 looked the best


under the cap it was rusty, never seen that before


and here's where the M.A.P. vacuum line plugs in there's a open hole on top. Should there be a vacuum line in there and if so where does it go?

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