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engine swap

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Dunno 'bout that. The 350 has its own set of complications that need to be overcome. Neither option is "easy" by any stretch of the imagination. At least the 4.0 stuff will bolt in (most of it anyway) if you get a complete donor Jeep. Trying to piece it together with junkyard parts could be a nightmare.

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The motor mount brackets from the donor XJ will bolt right onto the MJ frame rails. at least they did on mine. It was the easiest engine swap I have ever done to date.

What was your experience ragarding clearance at the firewall? I've seen some people say they had to do a "little bit" of reshaping with a hammer, others have said they had to cut out and reform the firewall ... and then there are those (mostly who have apparently never compared the two years) who steadfastly maintain that the early and late firewalls are identical.


Did yours need any "gentle persuasion"?

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