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wheel spacers front and rear

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i know i had this post somewhere...inside another post but i can't find it.


I'm looking to bring my front wheels out a little and my rear wheels out to match..(much more than front)

i know I'm looking for hub centric..sp?

spidertrax...rough country...i don't care...whereever

I'm just real leary about ordering a part and having it come and not fit...

when i go on any website to look for parts it NEVER says comanche... :fs1:


anyone got a direct link for me?


oh yeah, its for my 92




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spacers only come so thick. and you pretty much need the max spacer out there to help the rear look like the front. Soooooo, I don't think you can do both poking them out and matching the rear to the front without aftermarket rims.

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