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steering for a leaf conversion

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most people don't suggest D30s with leaf springs but I'm not sure if thats because its so much work for a small axle, or just cause its a bad idea?


but you will need an OTK (over the knuckle) steering conversion...


check some businesses i know some shops make kits

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Probably because it's a buttload of work and if you're going to put that much work into it, you might as well upgrade the axle. Or it could be that a leaf conversion usually ends up in a ton of lift and the Dana 30 was never designed to handle 35"+ tires.

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But back to the main question, is high steer in order?



Well, you're either going to need to put the tie-rod above the leaf springs and have the drag link connect to it - which will require two highsteer knuckles/arms, or put the tie-rod under the springs and have the drag link connect to the passenger side knuckle top. I don't even know if you can run a crossover setup with a low tie-rod on a D30 - I don't think you couls source the parts.



You're looking at a LOT of money to do it.



Hi-steer on a D44 can be done quite cheap (chevy knuckles, mill the passenger side and tap it, and a $100 set of arms). However, I opted to buy parts mike knuckles as they are a lot beefier than the stock D44 stuff and raise the steering arms another inch. They also came with new ball-joints and all the hardware!



Without some form of highsteer you will never be able to build a steering setup that will actually work and not be horribly weak. EDIT: Unless you stay SUA. If this is a viable option to you *smack* well, just *smack*.

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I've said it many times before; leafs on a D30 is a waste of time. Main reasons being it's not any easier than radius arms, and there aren't good steering options.


With a (not F150 or Bronco) 44 it's easier to do leafs than it is to do radius arms.

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