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Exhauzt size

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I am going to put a new exhaust on my Comanche. I was looking on Flowmaster's site, and found the Super 44 and Super 40. It says the 44 will fit. I then looked on Amazon for a cheaper price, and they have both the 44 and the 40. Amazon says the 40 will NOT fit.


:smart: Dimensions being what they are on the 40, and proper clearance, and no cutting, the 40 shouldn't fit.


:brows: But with some rearranging, will the 40 fit?


the muffler sizes are the same, so maybe it is where the pipes come out of the box?


It has a nicer tone than the 44, is cheaper, and louder.

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Well the Super 44 caught my eye first, but I saw a vid with the Super 40 on a Manche, it sounded ok. But I imagine the mic wasn't the best for picking up all the sound.


I can't measure the stock muffler because it isn't there!

Just running a cat, no more pipe after.

Hence the reason for the new exhaust :yes:

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The muffler is suppsosed to be center in offset out. I put a Flowmaster 50 series on mine at 2 1/4 inches, and extended the pipe off the back to reach to the original tailpipe... works great, and the 50 series is much mollower than the 40, gives a fairly stock idle sound, but has a nice growl under load.

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It has to be center in center out for stock placement

Why? The OEM muffler is not center-in center-out.

Mine was :nuts: my dad is the original owner and only replaced the muffler with a stock one...


Did your dad replace it himself, or have a shop do it? Some muffler shops will do crap like that to get rid of product and the customer may never know.... doesnt make it right.

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