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1987 Comanche (MJ) Parts - Northern Virginia.


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Ok, I have a few parts available from my 1987 MJ up for sale, all parts are relatively rust free and a tan color. Here is what I have for sale...



  • Hood - $50
    Driver Side Door - $50 --- SOLD
    Front Fenders (both) - $50
    Passenger Side Door - $50 --- SOLD
    Front Clip - $50
    Bench Seat - $25 --- SOLD
    Dashboard - $25


These are the big items that were easy to list, if there is something specific you are looking for please feel free to ask and I will see what I can find.. I am in the process of upgrading the 1987 to have the interior and front end of a 2000 XJ so most of the interior parts from the 87 are available. I will be posted the project pictures and everything in a bit, just wanted to get these out there if anyone happened to be looking for parts.

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hate to be a pain....but, would you consider selling just the driver side window glass? if so, do you feel confident enough that you could pack it safely enough to be shipped?



Sorry, as of right now i'd like to keep the glass with the rest of the door.. and I'm not completely sure I would be able to get the glass to you safely.

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passenger tail-light? power comfort switch? side view mirrors?



Sold the doors, mirrors went with them. The tail-lights are being used (until I have the time/money to fab new ones), and no power/comfort switch, this was a manual trans... Sorry.

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