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8.8 Axle question

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Where is the best / cheep place to get the perchs, u-bolts and plates for the 8.8 axle?



Also the junk yard did not give me the u-joint yoke/holder on the front of the 8.8 axle, anyone know of a cheep place to get one as the junk yard wants to charge me for a DS or hole axle to get one :mad:



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I like using the long 6" or 7" perches if you are going spring over. Adds just a tad bit of anti-wrap help. If you are going spring under don't worry about it. Mopar perches are nice.


There was a post in the "Pub" section where someone was asking about the flange adaptor. Kinda funny... two in one day... anyway...


Spicer number 2-2-1379


You can get it at any Spicer dealer for around $20



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