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my muffler fell off.........

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flowmaster 40 series sound good if you like it a little louder than stock. I ripped mine off last feb plowing snow in our monster snow storm. I stuck an old cherry bomb on there I had laying around the garage as I needed to get back to plowing. I really like the way it sounds on there.

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I used to run a Thrush glass pack on the Suburban and have one on the Comanche. Have a Cherry Bomb glass pack on one of the Cherokees and had one on my F100. The one on the F100 finally fell apart inside (outside was still fine) after 6 years. Best $20 I ever spent. Don't know about the Suburban because I don't own it anymore. Cherokee had it when I got it so I don't know how old, but still fine, as is the Comanche after almost three years. It has a few dents from crawling over boulders, though.

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