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gots me a jobification


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Well, after years of hearing about the hell my dad deals with daily at work, and being unemployed for several months, I finally bit the bullet and applied where he works.



got hired sight unseen, no interview, no drug test, no nothing. just the owner saying "Phil, your kid can start on munday, $15.70/hour, dollar raise after 30 days".


so, week into the job now. picking it up easy...never touched a semi before now, but it's basically working on a jeep, except a transmission swap is easier since we have the proper equipment to work on it (tranny jacks, etc.).


we've been stripping IH DuraStar freight trucks and turning them into training units (clutch trainers, runners, teardown setups) for a diesel tech school...3 per day, and it's very easy, but high paced.


they come in looking like this:



and move on to this...


then, to this


this one is a clutch trainer (will never run again...it's sole purpose is to train techs how to do a clutch. I should have that paper certification, given the fact that I didn't even need to be trained to do it lol




that' just one project. we pulled in a heavy load tri axle peterbuilt rollover today, stripped every nut and bolt, and we're gonna be completely rebuilding it. none of what we work on is "customer work"....the owner owns every single rig we do, then he sells them. which makes it sort of easier to deal with...only have to cater to one person's needs lol.


best part...the perks. he throws away a TON of useful stuff. like OO gauge 25' battery wiring, etc.


so, I guess I'm bragging...but I'm really just asking you to wish me luck.



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Looks like a fun job! I guess you will be slowing down on the MJ projects now?


yep, quite a bit...all my tools are at work, now, except for some small stuff to do little jobs around here, and my backup air tools are still here...I haven't made progress on my jeeps in 2 weeks. may just wait til it's warm out. but, I at least need to finish the plow.

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Maybe he will let you roll the MJs into the garage on Sundays to work on them. Is your Dad going to be OK with you being his Boss in a couple years? :D


ha! I doubt i'll ever be put in a higher position than him...and nope. only time I can work on my things there is during lunch...noon to 1 weekdays


Congrats, man. Jobs are tuff to come by, especially ones that pay decent. Any benefits?


yep, thanks...full coverage health insurance, full coverage dental. minimal copay, covers preexisting, too.



Awesome jamminz.gif


thanks much!

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Welcome to the trade.

I started in Highway Trucks and then moved on to Heavy Equipment and rebuild Cat Mining equipment. 793s right now, I have my Journeymen papers for both. Are they singing you up for your apprenticeship. (Dose the US have a trade Journeymen program)

Here's me in front of a 24H I helped rebuild a couple years ago. *Note I am 6'2"*



For size here is a internet pick of a 793 on top of a ford F-350.

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