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Looking at "ticking" MJ

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So this weekend I'm going to look at another 91 MJ. Over the phone, I was told it makes a slight "ticking" sound, and that he was told it was possibly the flywheel. I'm guessing a small crack could cause this, but I wanted to ask if there were any other obvious things to check. I know its hard to diagnose without me actually seeing the truck 1st, but hey, u never know. Either way, Ill update once I look it over. 4.0, auto, 4x4 etc....

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First step to diagnose where a ticking may be is pretty simple.


Start it up and let it idle.


Take the oil fill cap out and watch one of the rockers.


If the ticking is the same speed as the rocker's movement, it's a valvetrain noise.

If it's twice as fast, it's somewhere down below.

If it's neither, it's probably not internal to the motor and could easily be something that's spinning outside the motor (i.e. fan) hitting something.

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I had a ticking that was related to the clutch before. Bad throwout bearing. But when the clutch was depressed it would go away.


When you check out the truck...see if it goes away when you press the clutch (or changes at all)


Usually it is a small crack in the exhaust manifold. To see if THAT is the case, get the truck hot and see if the sound lessens as the exhaust expands (closes the crack).

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Thanks for the replys. The seller, however, is now not answering the phone, and the add for the jeep has since been taken down, so I think I know what that means. Too bad too, because this is the second MJ in 2 weeks Ive missed by a day before I could check it out. I really want another MJ :fs1:

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