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AX15 Identifying

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At the P&P this afternoon I saw a transmission in a 1989 XJ. The Jeep had been rolled. I couldn't get underneath it and there was too much stuff on top to see well enough for identification. The motor was gone so it's a clear shot looking at the front. It has internal clutch. What to look for to insure this is a AX15, not a BA10 when all you can see is the front. Bell housing is still attached. Jim

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If you can see behind the bell housing at all....the BA10 splits down the middle:




Whereas the AX15 is bolted together in two segments:




Not sure of the bell housing differences, but you CAN see the bolt patterns for the bell housing above, and that may help you with the ID.

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yup, peugeot case splits into a left and right half. the AX-15 splits into a front and back half.


hard to see from the photos, but the ax-15 has a broader and rounder bolt pattern from trans to bellhousing. peugeot has a skinnier and weird shaped pattern.

If you had taken a photo, I could tell ya for sure, but it's hard to explain.


AX-15 on the left.


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Found me a AX15. Heading for the JY first thing in the AM. Got a brew standing by if anyone can see there way to come help me. The driveshafts already gone so I'm just gonna undo the 2 bolts on either side and take the whole thing, Transmission, transfercase, crossmember and shield plate. Thanks guys.

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Got it. It's a good thing I didn't know anything about AX15's or I wouldn't have. It came out of a 1988XJ. If I had known AX15 didn't come out until '89 I wouldn't of even looked. It was obviously swapped in by a previous Owner. Can anyone help me identify the year and what transfer case? ID code on the trans reads 00?0 157. $150 and 2 hours of my time.

Interesting skid plate set up. Obviously home brewed but looks like it could do the job.

Drive shaft label

Transfer case No. Sticky label is missing.

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I have a friend who knows nothing of his 91 XJ. It's has rear end problems and has offer the Xj to me for parts if I can use it. It is a 91 XJ with the 5sp and 4x4 set up. Since it is about 100 miles from me I can not identify the trans from his pic's, but I am assuming it is an AX15 with matching 231. Am I safe here? Anyone able to give me some advice on if this would be a good donor trans so I can get rid of the puejot. I was told the clutch will fit both but any info on or recommendation on a "new" clutch and brand for the price? I have no problem moving up to a better clutch if need be same is true for the slave. . All input appreciated. Needed ASAP Thanks,

James and Sugarfoot ,

Denton TX 88 MJ Red Pioneer 4.0 4x4.

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