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Need a guys opinion (about a christmas gift)


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So, obviously christmas is in like 24 days and I think I finally figured out what I want to get my bf.

(since he been dying for one since his parents bought a 60in Hi-Def TV.)


I was gonna get him a Playstation 3

and the Collectors version of Gran Turismo 5


I also got him a few little things here and there, but I was just wondering if that was going to be enough?

I mean, he always goes over the top for me (last year he bought me a gun and a bunch of jewlery)



I also don't know what to get his parents, theyve been like my own lately,

(they let me move in last minute last febuary when things in my family got really bad)

and I want to thank them AGAIN.




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If you know he wants a PS3 and not a 360, then that would of course be a good present. I would get him one or two more games though, maybe hit up the cheap used box at Game Stop.


Maybe send the parents to dinner and a movie, and clean the hell out of the house while they're gone? :dunno:

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I think that would be plenty. Just don't go and buy random stuff he'll never use, just for the sake of monetary equilibrium. If it where me, I'd rather get a higher end specialty tool like a torque wrench, granted I don't get excited about any game system.


The parents will be a bit more tricky. You obviously have a good idea what they like or are interested in after living with them for 10 months. One of those picture frames with inspirational quotes and a family photo are generally a safe gift. Something hand made or creative is better though. Can you draw? Bake? Create something they would cherish?


A clean house and breakfast made on Christmas morning would also be good.

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maybe you should buy him a gun. i'd like that. ;)


the parents deserve a little extra this year after letting you move in. give them a weekend away from it all at a hotel or better a bed and breakfast. you don't need to spend alot if you can't even a cheap hotel in a great location (depending on what cities and attractions are near you) is a good choice. it says how much you care plus let's them spend some time away from it all

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I think the PS3 and a few games is more than adequate if you can afford to dole out that much cash.


As for the folks, I am with 87Warrior. Nothing shows gratitude better than a little hard work and a good meal. I would think it would go farther than a gift or cash. Some work and a nice meal is so much more personal and heart felt.


Rob L.

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i have some copies of gta that have never been played i can sell you dirt cheap. trust me, hell like the game. they are ps3, if you go the ps3 route. think i have a few other GOOD games i can throw in super duper cheap too. i used to play wayyyyyy too many video games. now its just occasional.

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Well, thanks everyone!! :cheers:

I'm pleasantly suprised with all the feedback you guys gave me.


87Warrior- I already bought him all the tools, phenumatic included, I could get my hands on when he

started his new job with a dealership lol. because that was my first thought as well.


brdhntr- Also, a gun was another thought, but.....I'm not old enough to buy handguns :(


But really guys, I can't say how much everything everyone posted helped. thank you thank you.



as for my "probably-hopefully-soon-to-be" parents in law I really like the ideas everyone had and will probably blend a few

I'm kinda strapped for cash, although is most likely doesn't sound like it.



--Thank you so much everyone!!!! :banana:


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