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2x4 to 4x4 conversion

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1) 4wd AX15

2) NP231 or 242

3) Dana 30 for the front

4) Front Drive shaft

5) Clutch conversion components (if going from internal to external or vise versa...just for the lines)

6) Shorten rear driveshaft

7) Shifter for 4wd

8) Pop out internal plate in interior and console to allow the 4wd shifter and install shifter and linkage to the 231/242.




It is actually a very simple procedure. I just got done doing this to mine.


Good luck!

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price is hard to say... depends on how you get the parts. the way i did it with my old truck was buy a smashed up cherokee, use what i needed, sell the motor and whatever else i could, scrap the rest, and have cash in pocket. if you can't do that, then figure spending $200 to $500, depending on how good of deals you can come up with and how patient you are. also depends on if you need to get anything else at the same time (brakes, for example).

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I managed to get donor parts from friends....built the front axle with parts from 3 people (shell with gears from one, bearings from another, rotors and calipers from another). I have a large network of Jeep people I am part of, and run a local website for Unibody Jeeps so I have some connections.


I then got a trashed AX5 and rebuilt it using my 2wd AX4...the AX5 came with the 231.


Cut down the rear driveshaft myself


All I spent money on was the fittings to adapt the clutch, u-joints, and fluids.


I now have a 4WD Comanche with a rebuilt AX4 4WD tranny I created. It was my first tranny rebuild and was very rewarding, and I thank JeepcoMJ for all his input and helpful advice during the rebuild.

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not sure if anyone looks at old topics but I'm doing  the same 5 speed 2x4 to 5 speed 4x4. Problem is I decided to add a Rough Country 4.5 lift and nothing is lining up in the front with the coils. Axle seems to far back and tilted towards the back

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I agree with what everyone has said. Cost varies on what you want to do and actually do. If you're going to swap and play parts then the cost will be minimal. But if you want to do new bushings, tie-rods, track bar, brake lines and whatever else you find you want to replace, then the cost goes up exponentially. I had the front axle out of my '88 and was staring at an oil pan leak. It wasn't noticeable on the ground as it was looking up at it from the pavement. That was something I had to fix because there was no time like the present. And of course I had to paint the pan before putting it back on. Its thinks like that that might slow your progress or hit your pocket book. When I started I hadn't planned on putting disc brakes on the back, so I sucked it up and did that as well. With it all apart front and back I HAD to put new springs on four corners. And of course I couldn't do new springs without new shocks. Its one thing after another. Nice thing about doing all that up front, don't have to worry about doing it later. I have renewed interest in driving my truck. Going from 3.07 to 3.55 gears makes the old truck scoot. Well worth the effort and expense. Good luck........ If you're needing a ax-15 shifter with shift tower for your conversion I can help you out with one for $25 plus shipping. Its an extra one sitting on the shelf looking for a good home.

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