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web link error or hijacked


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I don't know if this helps (or if I am right for that matter) but I assume it is either your DNS has been hijacked or your web browser has been hijacked.


When I ping http://www.comancheclub.com, I get a reply from If you don't, you can try flushing your DNS. (ipconfig /flushdns).


Alternatively, you can point to a different dns server. I use It is verizons dns. If you do this, you will still need to flush dns. Changing the dns server and then doing a good ol reboot will work. Write down your original address before you change though. Just in case you don't like the result.


If that doesnt work, I would guess you have some crap inadvertantly installed on your computer. Spyware scanners may help you there.


You may be able to work around it by using google chrome too.

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