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I tried to resist........


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......but I couldn't. Drug this home yesterday.

89 SWB, 4 banger, 4 speed, 2wd. The body and interior is in great condition, motor, not so much. It runs but makes lots of engine noise. The PO said it had been run out of oil.

My plans were to do a 4.0/4wd swap and wheel it but when my wife saw it, she said she wants it for here ride. Plus, I hate to cut up and wheel the crap out of such a nice truck.

So I'm now thinking I might find a low mileage 2.5 motor and just spruce it up for the misses and find a POS for me to wheel.

No matter what, I couldn't pass it up for $500.


When I got it home


After two hours of Purple Power and scrubbing

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Cool... nice find. Keep us posted.


Looks like it had been sitting for awhile based on all the debris stuck to it.

Yeah, I think it had been sitting a little while, the last registration date was late in 08.

Needs a good compounding and buffing to bring the paint back but decent overall.

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