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You guys are my HEROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Brothers - I do not know what to say. Where to begin. I know the first names of every person on my street and I have not seen one of my neighbors since this happened on Halloween. Not one. They 'lookie loo'd' in at my misfortune as the smoke was setting off their alarms and even my next door neighbor looked over the back fence right into my eyes and she said nothing to me. It was a Sunday afternoon for Christ sake [no pun intended] so the whole stoopid block was at home. Nobody can say they didn't know what was going on!!


Yet here comes an army of folks who don't even know me, rallied together by a common interest [and the ring-leader who shall remain un-named PETE MONTIE] who can set aside their own hardships and help out someone in need. Someone who has never been a quitter, someone who prides them self on his own self-sufficiency and ability to bounce back from most anything, someone who - like Jeff said 'can't catch a break' but guys - I never give up. This was - I hate to say - dang near the breaking point for me. Another kick in the head in a long streak of bad luck.


Four weeks ago, a battery fell on my toe and split it open, but I was at work the next day. here's a pic, before the dead piece fell off...



Three weeks ago, my wife was at walmart and her [our] wedding ring literally FELL OFF her finger somewhere. She's been sick [as usual] and her fingers were thin. We think it may not have been in the store but in the parking lot as she loaded groceries. 31 years on her finger and POOF its history. She's devastated.


Now this.


But, I have been blessed by knowing a few guys who have probably been beaten down themselves, and they know what it means to be left standing there looking into space and asking "what the hell is happening to my life?" So they understand that EVERYONE needs a helping hand sometimes because the burden just becomes too heavy to carry alone. That was me a week ago.


Today, I feel like I am not the bastard the rest of the world thinks I must be. Today I feel like I'm no less important than that dude in the Escalade who cut me off on the way to work, laughing into his cell phone without the courtesy of a signal. Totally unaware of the humiliation of how it feels to be stripped of his dignity. I was an electro-mechanical troubleshooter for 12 years. Maintaining/calibrating Flame-ionization detection analyzers and electrical inertia set dynomometers plus having an A&P license to work on aircraft but here I have gone full circle and am doing the same thing I did at age 14. Oil changes and flat repairs. As a guy in his fifties, I can say theres no sunrise on my horizon. Nobody hires us old dudes who know their $#!t. Those jobs go to the kids with degrees cuz they got good grades. Screw the ones with background and experience.


So I get this package this afternoon, gotta sign for it. Its from my pal Pete in MI. Ran Moab with me in May 2005, stayed with me n Cin, ran a fave Colorado trail of mine and camped on the mountain with some friends. He had sent a colage of moab pics from that trip and an MJ logo I conjured up which hung in my garage for years till the fire took it. I was bummin over that as much as the loss of tools. I open this box and theres the same pics of my first old MJ the 'Varmint' from the UT trip in a nice frame! I was touched. I took it upstairs and showed it to Cin. She shook her head and smiled. but as I was holding out for her to check out, thats when I saw something taped to the back. An envelope with 'From your Comanche Compadres' written on it.


I confess, I figured something was up when I got a PM and a care package of much needed tools from Brent, and my friend Scott suggested I 'go on the Comanche Group'. But I was seriously NOT expecting what I saw in that letter.


Nothing on this planet or any other can leave this guy speechless. I can react as well as I am acted upon in any situation get and I never give up regardless who's dishing it out to me but I gotta tell you guys the feeling of having so many looking out for me n Cindy cannot be described. I'm not going to send a generic "thanks" to everyone but I intend to send a private PM or email to each of you because I want to know you all on a personal basis because only a friend would do what you have done for me.


SO here's THE DEAL>>>

I have a good start on the rebuild process, as well as replacement of most of the power tools lost thanks to some Firemen [who saw what I am dealing with as far as a disabled wife, a friend I have taken in due to loss of job and home, loss of my livelyhood, and some stuff I won't mention at the risk of sounding holy], and with your contribution both spiritually and financially I should be back where I was in a couple weeks. But your generousity was so great that I feel I shall finish the resurrection and return the un-used portion of your gifts.


I imagine theres a fund or pool the Club has for emergencies, and if there isn't, there is now because I can promise you there will be a surplus and I'll NOT keep any leftover cash for myself. I will get with Pete and either send a check for the remainder or paypal it or create an account with my own paypal account but when one of you who needs help you will get it right away.


Rather than post rebuild pics, I will start a new thread with finished pics after the project is complete as well as an account of materials and monies spent. I hear a cross-thread was posted with pics of the damage so I won't re-post those but maybe on the completed project thread..?


I'm all out of words but it felt good to spill my guts to you. You guys are a dying breed. Seems nobody helps anyone anymore but you have my promise I will always be here for you. I don't wake up at night now with that scared feeling anymore and that by itself is a blessing. Love you all.

Rick n Cin

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Rick, you know we are always here for you brother. You are one of us old codgers that's been on cc since its infancy back on the yahoo group. I've gotten christmas cards from you and cin back when I was at ma's, as well as a personalized collection of all of your favorite classic rock tunes on what seemed like 20 CD's, and all MP3's at that... There was HOURS per CD. I still have them in a stack in the corner, and although I don't have them uploaded on anything I can still remember unboxing those, throwing them in, and taking a trip with you through the music. I still smile when I move them to get to something else, and set them aside. In fact:




Come to think of it, that had to be almost 10 years ago Rick. I was in high school, had just gotten the ol' '86, and just playing around with things and learning. You still had the ol' 4 banger, and incredible pictures of your truck overlooking Canyons and Plateau's.


When I read the story from Pete, and the link over to the Colorado site, it really hit home. I couldn't help but toss some funds your way. Afterall, we all have those times when we could use a hand. Your a giving, caring person Rick. you've always shown that.


Enjoy it brother. No repayment needed here. Consider it payment for a lesson in Rock.

Rob L. :cheers:

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any time and every time you need a proverbial hand, I'm here for ya man. :cheers: that's what friends are for.


anything left over is for you to set aside for a trip up into the hills. I'm serious. you need a day off. comanche.gif get out there and climb the rocks and smell the pines. :thumbsup:

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Its just what any, civil, human being would do. Maybe its that silly little riddle my folks always told me as a kid, 'only do to others what you'd want them to do to you.'


The next time I am in the Rockies, TJ or MJ, we'll need to wheel. If you are dead set on a repayment, a day on the trails will have to do.




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So glad to hear that everything keeps looking up for you Rick!


Like I said in the PM, all the stuff I sent your way was extra stuff I had. Its yours, please don't send it back my way. Most of the pieces were given to me by friends who replaced their tools or were old tools from the Railroad that I work at. All that stuff was too good to pitch, but I didn't know exactly what I would use it for when I got my hands on it over the years. When I saw that you needed a hand, the answer to my "old tool pile" was clear.


Now its time to start compiling the new "old tool pile." :cheers:

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