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LKQ DISCOUNT WEEKEND!!! NOV 26-28th 2010!!!


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They have this discount stuff every holiday weekend.


Holiday weekend = Me not here.


WHY do they do this on holiday weekends? They would have such a better turnout if they do it on weekends people are around.


I think that's the idea Brent.


Rob L.

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I'm busy part of friday and most of saturday, but I'd be able to go sunday :cheers:


Brent - They want to give out as few discounts as possible, so it'd make sense to have the discount weekend when people are outta' town, lol



Ummm.... on Fourth of July weekend it was PACKED on Saturday. We actually had to wait in line to get in.. and they were inspecting tool boxes going in and out. Normally none of that happens.


Brent just needs to say.. hey family Jeep stuff is important. For reading your FB posts. I think your Mom would probably expect it. :D

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I know, I know. Yet Again, have fun without me.


Oh, there isn't a chance of me missing out on going home this time, I'll be back in Reed City, Michigan Nov. 19-28. Thats almost 10 days of helping Dad on his Willy's build, deer hunting and feasting.


All of Christmas vacations this year is up at her place in the UP, so this is the chance for me to spend time with my family for the Holidays.

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Making the list. So far I need to get a 3.73 D30, and a radiator for the ZJ. The backlash seems way out of whack on the current one, and its growling at me. The radiator seems to have a leak between the plastic and the aluminum, so thats on the bill too. Thermostat might be stuck open, but that I'll spring for new.


Then if I see anything small to get for the MJ, I'll grab that. Don't know what I might want, but, I'll know it when I see it.


And for those who don't know, or are new, here's the site with the price list.

http://www.lkqselfserve.com/FindaLocati ... fault.aspx


Rob L. :D

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What day are we all planning on going? I don't have a list of what to get tho, other that a newer style VC


what style VC do you want? the '96+?


I have two of them, complete with PCV elbows. $10.


I'll take one.


k. done.


are you running down to Rob's tonight for that renix stuff?

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