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Spike Extereme 4x4


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Any company with money is who-bagged and put on a pedestal on that show... Nothing extreme about it except for the money Rusty's paid to have them put their stuff on the show.


Rob L.


Generally the product featured is donated to the show in exchange for pimping done on the show. This question just came up at the sales meetings a couple of weeks ago.


Extreme Credit Card balances is what you would get if you tried to build the same thing.

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i ordered a set of rear springs from rustys for the manche, when i was in Iraq so they'd be there when i got hom since i had a month to build the manche to driving status before i had to drive to Bragg. so anyway they didnt show up 2 weeks after i was home and i called them and they said that they had sent them but UPS wouldnt deliver them although UPS had delivered aqlotr of other parts'they said they wpould resend them i'm like no I'm done i just did a spring over on that axle so theyd be useless to me now could i just get the money creditred back to my CC, they're like no we don't give credits we give store credit you'll have the price of the part on store credit. so basically i just gave them like 400$ i guess cause i don't want anything froma company like that.

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