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whats the point


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For most drivers of MJs rear disc brakes actually hold no advantage. Their advantage is primarily that they shed heat faster than drums, so they are better for racing. Personally, I would never go through the expense and bother of converting perfectly good rear drums to discs for an MJ.

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(Rear) Discs:


work better when covered in mud (vs drums)


= more responsive brake system (since 90% of us let out drums fall out of adjustment, and that eats up brake pedal travel)


You'll never have to experience the 'stuck brake drum' routine again.


You'll never have to adjust your brakes again.



That said, I run rear drums on everything that came with them.


I absolutely HATE the internal drum E-brake ZJ's use,

I actually have to over adjust our ZJ (and drag the brakes) just so the parking brake pass the yearly inspection.

After inspection, I loosen the adjuster on those little tiny drums, and have the worlds crappiest parking brake for the rest of the year.


My Jeeps:

98' XJ: stock 9"x2.5" rear drums that lock up the first time you hit them after it rains.

(I have some 11x2.5" Mopar brakes patiently waiting for me to install them)

89' MJ: stock 10"x1.75" drums

88' MJ: Mopar 11"x2.5" drums

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Maybe it's because I grew up before anything other than commercial and military aircraft had disc brakes, but I don't think drum brakes are more difficult to service. I'd much rather do a set of shoes on a drum brake axle than do pads on a Jeep front axle. There are some newer disc (caliper) designs that allow swapping the pads without dismounting the calipers, and THAT would be easier. But the MJ doesn't have that.

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Where I usually wheel is a lot of sand. Every time I went there I got sand inside the drums scraping the brake material off the shoes. Brand new brake shoes on Saturday morning, Sunday evening they were half gone. A month later I go for another weekend and they were down to the rivets. Had them replaced under warranty, and two trips later they were down to the rivets again.


I converted to rear disc brakes, and 10 trips later the brake pads are noticeably thinner, but nowhere near needing replaced yet.

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