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beefy steering

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well running 33-35s off and on road i think its time to upgrade the steering in my mj. i was contemplating zj v8 pieces from the junk yard, but after some further thought i have decided i want a beefy setup with the bigger tres and all. so my question(s) are what material to use for rods. where do i get the tie rods. what should i look out for any tips, I'm crazy..... all that good stuff. tell me what ya know

thanks guys

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well you can do the same thing I did for my YJ and it's going with all 1 ton TRE's and dom tubing but you have to ream the knuckles to accept the largers TRE's


keep in mind that I've done that to a dana 44 not sure 30 knuckles have enough metal to do this and at the same time go over the knuckle to give you more clearance ..........look for high steer on google there are some good site with lots of pics for it

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Depending on how you attach the drag link to the cross over, you could end up with the dreaded "1/2 turn of dead space in the middle" of your steering.


The more lift you have, the worse it is,

as the drag link rotates the whole steering linkage before it pulls the wheels in one direction, then reverses the process to move the wheels in the opposite direction.



Some have made up little Delron bushings to go over the TRE's, so the knuckle TRE's bottom out sooner, and cut down on the size of the 'dead spot', but it doesn't completely cure the problem.


The Rugged Ridge kit is a cheap way to do this type of steering:




http://www.shopjeepparts.com/heavy-duty ... -8010.html


http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayI ... 0473994939


but you can probably find it cheaper used,

as lots of people try it, and can't live with the dead spot.


If you don't have alot of lift, it might work OK for you.



IMO, a better way to do a crossover would be with WJ knuckles, and custom links.

Tho you have to raise up your Trac-Bar mount if you use the higher steering arm on WJ knuckles.

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http://www.ironrockoffroad.com/Merchant ... e=IR-SHDTR

what about this... its a beefier than stock tie rod and just uses the stock tres. would i have to modify anything else. now I'm debating on keeping a simpler approach, but either way i NEED to replace all my steering ends. basically i want my truck to have tight steering. so that dead spot is a REAL turn off

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