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Hello all...

My name is Sean and I'm from south jersey. Just bought my 2nd jeep...88 MJ. Had a 03 Wrangler but had to part with it some time ago. I couldnt pass up my cheap mud truck for $1000!!!


I bought the MJ with a 4-6 inch lift, 33s, beefy rear bumper, custom made baja spare tire holder, and toolbox...... 5 speed 4.0.....and kinda clean... It was a great find for my neck of the woods...It still has some gremlins roaming around but I will seek and destroy them soon.


I found this site and I must say I'm very impressed of the topics, pics and people on here...GREAT JOB TO ALL!!!!!


Ive tried to get my pic up but it seems that I have little luck....I will work on that soon as well.....


I am a member of a local truck club...MISFITS4X4.NET...we have just about everything under the sun when it comes to rigs. I'm the only MJ but we have plenty of Jeeps and trucks...many of which are on tractor tires!!! We have mud, trails, 2 lakes, and mild natural jeep OP course and other stuff to fullfill our needs...Its fun and we are always looking for new faces and new places to go...


As for wheeling I'm always looking for new ideas and rig setups and from this site...what are the most common problems yall find with your MJ.....Looking forward to chatting with everyone and enjoying this awesome site!! Keep Wheeling and Keep Laughing!!!!

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:waving: Welcome aboard! I'm also a recently new member and I think you will find this site to be a trove of good information. There are quite a few , very knowledgeable members and everyone seems eager to help a fellow Jeeper. I had trouble with pics also but it worked out when I opened a photobucket acct to post from there.

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