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1991 Comanche Pioneer daily driver....

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New person here, but not totally new to Jeeps. I've had a '91 Cherokee for awhile, but its been proving to me that a SUV isn't a truck. About a month or so ago i set out to either sell or trade the Cherokee for a truck. Spotted a '91 Comanche on CL for $1500 that said they were selling due to needing more room. I shot off an email and was working a deal that afternoon. My XJ was a '91, 4.0HO, 5sp, 2WD and had 278k on it.


We made the deal and did a straight trade. The MJ is a '91, 4.0HO, 5sp, 4WD with 209k. Not too big on the 4wd, but ill deal with it. It has rust over the rear fenders, but so far thats all I've found. Runs great so far. The starter was going bad, so i got one from the pick and pull. It looks a little rough, but I'll paint it in the coming months. I'm thinking OD green with white letters on the tailgate.


Ill post more later on....

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Nothing wrong with 4WD, except that i don't really have a use for it. I do 90% of my driving on road and never get into the mud. I used to have a Samurai and did a bit of offroading with it, I'm over that stuff. The truck sucks gas down compared to my Cherokee. If the transfer case or front end every give trouble, they will be replaced with 2wd parts.



Got another pic loaded up.

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The truck got a little facelift today. The grille and headlight trim was in bad shape and didn't go all the way up the header panel, so i got a nice set off a Cherokee at LKQ. Talked the guy down to $23.78 for the 3 pieces. She looks alot better now.



It would seem that the front end has been in a hard hit on the right side. The bumper is pushed back a little and the frame is somewhat crumpled up there. I know someone that has a frame shop, so i may take it there and have them pull it out for me.

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Well i decided to take a peek under the carpets tonight and see what was going on. I'm very happy with what i found. The passenger side is great, nothing to worry about with it. The drivers side has some surface rust, but nothing major. When i have more time, ill pull it all back out and use some POR-15 on the floor. For now i had to get it all back together since i need the truck in the morning.


Drivers side.


Pass side.

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Here are a few pics of the inside.


Going to replace the seat with some tan buckets and a centre console. OR i may swap the whole inside over to grey, kinda like that idea better.


Took it for a little ride through the trails on our farm. We have 48 acres with most of it being woods. Ive been working these trails for awhile now with the tractor and my Big Red 3 wheeler. Jeep can only get down the main one, can't make the sharp turn to go down the back.

Also tried out 4Low and climbed up the hill we jump the trikes over. I know its nothing compared to what most do, but I'm pleased.

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