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crank sensor

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IIRC someone makes a relocation kit that puts it on the harmonic balancer for easy access, though.

You could use it for that, but Hesco developed that to mount a CPS on the 4.2L engines when converting them the MPFI.

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(Assuming your's is a Renix 4.0L) You could just spend the $12, and order one. :dunno:


http://www.amazon.com/Standard-Motor-Pr ... B000C7YAA2


I just ordered two from these guys yesterday (through Amazon),

2 from them is still cheaper than getting 1 from Rockauto:



http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/raframe ... C87-273614


I'll post the good/bad about "Cerell Distributing Company, Inc", and if that's the right CPS after I get them if you want.


Estimated Arrival: July 13, 2010



My 89' 4.0L has been slow starting,

so I cleaned off the CPS, but set it too deep when I re-installed it,

it started back up, but the flywheel started eating it. :eek:


I backed it out, it still works, but I'm a little less trusting of it right now. :ack: :ack:

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