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Need help with a NP241J install into the MJ

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Ok, I've got this NP 241J with the 4:1 low gear. I plan on replacing my NP 231 in my MJ with the 241. There are two connectors I have questions on. I'm hoping someone else has done this and can give me some advice on this.


In the pic below there are two red arrows to the wires that will need to be connected. The bottom comes from the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) in the TC that plugs into a more modern vehicle to drive the speedometer electronically. My 89 Pioneer has a cable driven speedo. I've heard of kits to convert these somehow, but don't exactly know what I'm looking for to make it work. I'd like to keep it as simple as possible and use a connector with an electrical input from the TC with a mechanical output to spin the speedo cable. Does something like this exist? I fear if not, then I'll have to swap in an electronic speedometer, but I really don't want to open that can of worms with hacking up the wiring in the dash just for a new speedo. My gut tells me I'll leave a trail of electrical destruction in my dash if I do that. So I'm hoping there is an electronic to mechanical adapter.


The second arrow points to what I believe is simply the 4 wheel drive indicator. I think I should be able to splice this into the existing plug for that purpose.


Here's links to the pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/37014918@N07/4751046081



Here's a shot of the 241J on the left and the 231 with SYE and 2-Low that is coming out.






Any hints or advice will be greatly appreciated. I'm looking to get this back in next week.




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From JPmagazine


New Venture Gear NVG241OR

Donor Vehicles: '03-'06 Wrangler Rubicon


Swap into: Any Jeep equipped with a driver's side drop front axle and a transmission with a common round 6-bolt pattern and 23-spline output.


Identify: Like the NP231, look for the tag near the rear output above the fill plug. The case itself looks a lot like an NP231, but it has a balancer on the output requiring a flanged driveshaft, more bolts holding the case halves together and a larger nose area where the input is (which houses the planetary low range).


Gears: 1:1, 4.0:1


Pros: With a bigger chain, more bolts holding it together, and a larger planetary set, this is a much beefier T-case than the NP231.


Cons: Its size can be a detriment to clocking it flat, and not everyone needs the 4:1 gears.


Comments: Only available in the Rubicon Jeeps to date, the JK NP241 won't easily swap into the earlier TJ/YJ/XJ/MJ/ZJ Jeeps. The TJ cases though will bolt up in most applications with minimal fuss. The stock shifter linkage will likely have enough adjustment to work too. The front driveshaft should be able to be kept, but the rear will need modifications. There is no mechanical speedometer output so earlier Jeeps will need another solution for speed pickup.



http://www.jpmagazine.com/techarticles/ ... cases.html



And for getting your speedo to work.


http://www.jpmagazine.com/techarticles/ ... index.html



I haven't found anything to help with the 4WD light. Good luck!

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:dunno: all I did was click on that first link, rightclick on the photo for the "copy link location", posted that here, highlighted it, and clicked the IMG tag. I've never used the pre-made addresses that any photo service provides. I always rightclick directly on the photo. :thumbsup:

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I put one in my 2k TJ. The 4wd indicator switch was even different for it. The 241 uses one that puts out different voltages for each position. The only one that works on mine is when it is in 4 lo as that is the only one that matches the right voltage for the indicator in my TJ. I use to have a link that had the info on it but can't seem to find it now. I bought the connector at the dealership and spliced it into the 2k's wiring.



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