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Seeing that you are from VA be prepared for the sand fleas. I'm/was a hollywood Marine I never had to deal with any of that east coast BS. Also, never look at the female recruits, you'll get smoked for that one.


Thank you for your service.

Oohrah soon to be Devil Dog.

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The hardest part about the delayed entry program is not getting in trouble with the law for that year.


I just passed 17 years on active duty as a Marine (Marine is always capitalized when talking about the Corps) and would not change it for the world.


I am packing up my crap and getting ready to move from Georgia back to 29 Palms California. It is a good life. The first 2 years or so will suck until you pick up some rank. Get used to being treated like an idiot until you become an NCO.


Unless you are that 10%. If you are you will find out rather quickly!!!


Semper Fi and good luck!



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Might as well get used to not swatting the bugs off when they bite you, no matter how many sand fleas are gnawing on you, you can't do anything about it. and X2 on looking at the female recruits, you'll be right in the pits for that. the hardest part about Parris island is actually the first few days and its only culture shock, make it through that and you'll be fine as long as your in decent shape and can take orders. there are a few of us on here and i'm sure we would all be willing to answer any questions you may come up with while your in the DEP.Semper Fi future Marine!


p.s. at least your going to boot camp instead of San Diego.... :rotf:

sorry JeepinDev89, i couldn't resist....

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